Thursday, October 24, 2013

Giving Back

Sometimes a hard day's work is something we all have a breath of, and when it is done we're left out of air.  That feeling of exhausted and satisfied is almost addicting and it causes some to become "work-a-holics" and just push for the next goal.

Being a small business owner I get to write my paycheck, at the will of my clients.  The more I work, the more I get paid.  I don't have someone who is disallowing me to work overtime or taxing my efforts with what I feel are foolish hoops to jump through.  What point do I stop and say enough?  When are my clients happy with my quantity and quality of work?

I have taken the time to set a few goals with my wife and I plan to keep them.  Goals are good for both the over-achievers and under-achievers of this world.  They help you strive to do more, or less, than you are currently doing.  If you set a measurable goal with a time frame and you fail then you have learned a lesson.  If you succeed then you know if it's worth tweaking or repeating.  I had a goal when I started my business January 20th of 2010: provide for my family without compromising my values.  You can almost make that the mission statement of my business.

It took me, and my family, four years to get here but this year we have made it to a point of comfort.  It hasn't come without sacrifice.  I have spent five months of the year putting in 70+ hour weeks and the rest of the time I've clocked in 50+ hours.  Time is something you cannot get back and there is something to be said about spending it wisely.  So where are my values?  What is it I want to invest into?

My family is my primary focus; my country is my secondary.  I am a Christian with a James based lifestyle.  The challenge that I have at hand, as a citizen of a free country, is how and when.  How, and when, do I give back?  Not forgetting this does not free me of duty "My Fellow Americans".  It is interesting how the addiction of success can cause people to forget one another.  I have the ability and I will continue to remember what I can do for my Country.

My summa: God, Family, Country.  Being a Christian is a lifestyle, it is an essence.  Having a Family is a responsibility and a blessing, as is being the citizen of this great Country.

Don't forget that inaction is disregarding the greatest liberty we have been given.  I would like to issue the challenge that you do not live with inaction and take a stand against free and work more toward honoring the freedom to Give Back.

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